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“Amanda was a massage student at Cortiva Institute when we first met. It was immediately clear that this articulate woman had a bright future in the industry and I was certain that some of that “shine” belonged in my Healing Center! Thus, I recruited her; she accepted and joined our family at the Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics. She has since become a seasoned therapist and highly valued contributor to our team of skilled massage therapists. 

Amanda's skill and knowledge of the body are immediately evident. As soon as her hands begin to work, they intuitively move in just the right way, with perfect pressure and the precise techniques required for balancing and stimulating all of the body’s senses. She is the complete package of skill, knowledge and compassion. I do not refer clients to her just because she works in my Center. She works in my Center because of her skill and who she is; both professionally and personally. I am honored to have her as a part of our CAET family.

Mega R Mease

I would like to recommend Amanda as a colleague but also to let people know that I have personally experienced her work. Her massage is best described as "results oriented". Anyone who is looking for true relief from pain (mine was neck pain) can find it from Amanda Smith. Two thumbs up!”

Andrea McCully

"I loved your massage from the very first one, however did not fully understand the depth of your work until you began nursing me back to normalcy after the automobile accident. Your combined gentle touch, expert knowledge of the body and caring heart gave me hope for a complete recovery along with much needed physical relief. Your skill set continues to amaze me. Thank you."

Casey Wiegs

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