Meet Amanda

I am Amanda B. Smith, LMT and owner of Body Sense Massage Therapy in Tucson, Arizona. Selecting the right massage therapist is an important process that will lead you to that perfect fit for you; body, mind, spirit and pocketbook too. Of course the place to begin your search is to confirm the education and skill-set of the massage therapist that you are considering. Equally important however, is knowing who this therapist is as a person. After all, they will be touching you.

With that said…This is the story of how I came to “BE”. It has been an exciting and sometimes challenging pathway from Lover of Nature, to Athlete to Personal Trainer, to Massage Therapist and eventually a Structural Stress Technician. My growth continued on to Health Enthusiast and today a Healer.

Why choose me as your Structural Stress Technician and Healer?
The best way to explain how to choose is to continue sharing more of my story.
As a child being outdoors, running, playing and simply being active was my primary mode of operation which led me to participate in sports on a regular basis as an adult. An unconscious knowing and natural connection to the movement of my physical being sparked interest in how the body actually works. Over time I began connecting all the dots; unraveling the beauty, magic and rewards of a healthy active, flexible body.

Becoming a certified personal trainer in 2006 was a perfect fit for me and my lifestyle. I noticed early on however that my clients had a tremendous need in their healing and recovery process. They required more than what I could offer by training alone so in 2010 I became a licensed massage therapist after completing my education at Cortiva Institute in Tucson, AZ. This was the answer to blending my skill, knowledge and vision to support serious athletes and active people ranging from all ages and walks of life and in varying degrees of health.


My combined training makes my work as a Structural Stress Technician the perfect solution to support others in relieving stress, restoring flexibility, increasing range of motion and decreasing muscle soreness.


My mission is to facilitate your body’s natural healing process and reduce the risk of an injury before, during, and after activity. Additionally your search is over if you are seeking for hands on recovery from injuries such as ankle sprains, tennis elbow, tight neck and shoulders, muscle spasms, chronic lower back pain, and knee injuries to name a few.


Managing one’s own health and wellness is the foundation of being successful in supporting others to do the same. Balancing my own mind, body and spirit transfers to my work with clients, eventually translating into the hearts and minds of all living in synchronicity.


The evolution to being the best ME that I can be both personally and professionally is a life long journey. I am eager with anticipation to see when and where this will take me and my clients. 


I encourage you to take advantage of my professional skillsets and experience, whether it be simply for stress reduction and relaxation or with recovery support from injuries and guidance regarding the diligence and dedication it takes to heal properly.


I am honored to have my practice within the Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics where I work beside a dedicated and respectful group of holistic health practitioners. I encourage you to take advantage of my professional experience working one-on-one with client's recover as well as my personal experience with injuries experience with injuries and the diligence/dedication it takes to heal properly.

I invite you Awaken and Enlighten your senses by scheduling an appointment today.

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