My name is Amanda B. Smith, Licensed Massage Therapist and proud owner of Body Sense Massage Therapy. Consider me your Structural Stress Technician. You are in the right place if you want more out of life than simply feeling good. My mission is to support people of all ages and walks of life with varying degrees of health and well being. Body Sense is giving those the "edge" they have been seeking to take their personal performance of activities of daily living to the next level.

To learn more about me and my philosophies visit the Meet Amanda page.
What can a Body Sense massage do for you?

bullet Stress reduction and Relaxation-the cornerstone of health
bullet Locate and deactivate tension in muscles
bullet Restore flexibility and range of motion
bullet Faster recovery from injury
bullet Removal of lactic acid buildup
bullet Increase nutrient flow to muscles
bullet Reduce feelings of stress
bullet Reduce swelling and edema
Massage focuses on those muscle groups which are used most and areas in body where you typically feel the most soreness or tension.
Your integrated Body Sense Massage will include but not limited to the following:
bullet Signature Body Sense Compressions
bullet Swedish Massage
bullet Sports Performance Massage
bullet Deep Tissue
bullet Neuromuscular Techniques/Trigger Point
bullet Hydrotherapy/Heat and Cold
bullet Myofascial Release
bullet Joint Flexibility

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